LEVEL: beginner, A0 – A1

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LEVEL: pre-intermediate, intermediate, A2 – B1

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Magazine for young students of English

Jump is a fun English language magazine for younger primary school pupils, and they’ll love it! In an enjoyable way it offers answers to the questions children often ask. It contains short structured texts and focuses on encouraging pupils to enter into conversation in English. In addition to reading Jump, pupils can listen to it as well. Most of the magazine is available recorded as an audio file. With Jump, your children will soon be able to speak English!

The magazine is created by experienced teachers and native speakers. Jump helps pupils strengthen and expand their vocabulary and sentence structures. Jump makes teachers’ lesson preparations considerably easier. With Jump you can meet the requirements of the curriculum with ease, while deepening cross-curricular relations. In addition, children will look forward to every English lesson.

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  • 10 issues per year, September – July
  • 20 pages: short texts in simplified English, photo-story, quizzes, crosswords, and fun exercises inside

Bonus material:

  • MP3 audio recordings
  • language tests and further original materials from Cambridge University Press

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Bonus Materials Jump


Magazine for students of English

Drive is an English-language magazine for older pupils and students. It encourages conversation and discussion in English. It is an outstanding resource for CLIL teaching methods. Drive is written in fresh, living English, offers a wide range of up-to-date topics as well as important information about the culture and customs of English-speaking countries. In addition it provides excellent preparation for older students taking exams. Drive is a methodical teaching aid with high-quality content and graphics. It is the only educational lifestyle magazine of its kind, and readers love it. It can become addictive for both students and their teachers alike!

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  • 10 issues per year, September – June
  • 20 pages: clear, structured articles in regular sections including health, sport, planets, science     and technology, arts and culture, society, travel and English-speaking countries; short stories,     photo-stories, quizzes, crosswords, readers’ views, interviews and motivational exercises.


  • MP3 audio recordings
  • worksheets
  • conversational topics with audio recordings, outstanding materials for lessons, speaking exams

SUBSCRIBE NOW: for more information please write to drive@gradus.cz

Bonus Materials Drive

Readers' Reviews

With Drive, my work is easier, and the worksheets and audio recordings of articles are great. I love the stories – they’re all in the past tense, and this is really useful both for pupils in the last two years of primary school, and older students, too.
Michaela Bartova, Primary school and Lyceum, Jablonec nad Nisou, CR

We have been using Drive for four years. I’m pleased that it makes my job easier, and I can see significant progress in my students. Each month we all look forward to the new issue. But we enjoyed it the most when we prepared the photo-story for Drive ourselves.
Petr Medek, English teacher at School of Applied Arts, Zelezny Brod, CR

I like reading the interviews with people from different professions. Career choice is particularly important for students. Drive also helps us with preparation for school-leaving exams.
Petra Izdna, English teacher at Lyceum, Prague, CR

Thanks to drive, my students have learned to speak fluently about sports and travel, etc. Above all, they talk! Especially about topics which are controversial – things which you could only publish in a magazine – thanks 🙂
Lucie Zezulova, English teacher at Lyceum, Rumburk, CR

(Čeština) Inzerce JUMP 2017-18

(Čeština) Jump info k inzerci

Topics, Maturita Exams

Conversational topics are outstanding extra materials, mostly used for lessons and speaking exams.

Free downloads of texts (doc.) and audio tracks (MP3) for subsribers.

Topics, Maturita Exam

About us

Pleased to meet you!

GRADUS CZ, s.r.o. company has focussed on language teaching, the production of educational aids and teaching publications since 2001.

We launched Drive, our magazine in simplified English, on the market in September 2012. Drive is in the form of a lifestyle magazine, which in addition is a methodical teaching aid, carefully prepared to the smallest detail. We create a piece of work which offers quality content, methods and graphics, recognized by experts in the Czech Republic and abroad at trade fairs such as BETT and the London Book Fair.

September 2016 sees the publication of Jump, our new magazine for 9 – 13-year-old pupils.

The main partner of our magazine is Cambridge University Press (CUP). Thanks to this partnership, our students enjoy unique access to extensive materials from CUP. Jump and Drive offer the only official, authentic CUP-published language tests as supplements.


We are currently seeking a new business partner to introduce these modern, fresh and effective ESL magazines to a new market. To find out how to partner with us please contact us.

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