What's happening?

  • Středa květen 25th, 2016

    May Drive is here!

    May is the month of love and dating. In Drive you can get inspired by our true story about double date or a photostory Flames of Love in a glassworks. Do you know how much added sugar do you eat?  You can learn what is too much and why sugar isn’t safe. Virtual reality is no more just in fantasy and science fiction. Drive is comparing three different options of VR glasses. The crossword puzzle reminds us of Mother’s Day in May!

  • Úterý duben 5th, 2016

    Immortal Shakespeare

    It’s April 2016, so no English language lover can forget about William Shakespeare! He died 400 years ago and still fascinates us today. Drive visits some places of his life and plays. We also travelled to far north to find a new kind of bear – the pizzly, then to Britain to interview Sandra, a tour guide who loves her job. If you wish to apply for a new job, read how to make a great CV. Did you know that infographic CVs are getting popular? In April Drive you can learn about autism and have fun with April Fools’Day stories.

  • Čtvrtek březen 3rd, 2016

    March is a busy month!

    In March we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, International Day of Happiness and Easter. March is also a Reading Month; you will learn how trendy reading is, about Emma Watson’s Book Club and what bestseller to pick up. If you like basketball, you shouldn’t miss the article on March Madness. Get inspired by the new apps introduced in Drive. Are you ready for a sushi party? Drive interviewed a sushi master Petr Lambert.

  • Středa únor 3rd, 2016

    Love Your Heart!

    The February issue of Drive is full of hearts. Why? Well, February is a month for heart health and it’s also St. Valentine’s Day in February. You will find a story about an unforgettable gift, a heart cake recipe and an article on geeky watches. If you prefer travelling, read about Amatciems – a unique village in Latvia. Would you like a cute pet? In this issue you can read about some unusual ones. Dylan O’Brien fans will find some quick and fun facts about this famous young movie star.

  • Středa leden 6th, 2016

    Happy New Year!

    The January issue of the Drive magazine features articles on winter safety – you can read about winter sports and how to get ready for dangers of winter weather. In January we interviewed a mountain rescuer. You will also find the Drive team’s New Year’s Resolutions posted with each article. At the end there are a few jokes to start the New Year cheerfully.

  • Neděle prosinec 6th, 2015

    Welcome to the December issue!

    Let’s get the Christmas dinner party started! But be careful if you have got a food allergy and read about the most common food allergens in the Christmas menu. This issue brings a touchy story by Hans Christian Andersen and funny stories about first time skiing experience and Christmas cooking. Don’t miss the newest Star Wars movie. If you are a DIY fan, you can make a great wreath with Drive. Merry Christmas!

  • Čtvrtek listopad 5th, 2015

    Drive November issue is here

    The November Drive issue highlights November as the World Diabetes Month. Overeating – not only on Thanksgiving Day – isn’t a good idea. You can learn intetesting facts about Daylight Saving Time and have fun with our photostory about putting the clocks back. It’s great to do some sports, so how about trying bubble soccer? If you prefer walking or running, you might want to read the interview with a BTR coach. November also brings winter fashion inspiration. Stay warm and look cool with Drive!

  • Pondělí říjen 5th, 2015

    Welcome to the October issue!

    The Drive October issue features articles on how to avoid flu this season and how to browse the Internet safely. Readers will get inspired by John Green and his outstanding novels. October Drive also brings some scary Halloween topics and a new competition. And let’s not forget the October funny holiday of smiley, the World Smile Day!

  • drive september 2015 magazine

    Pátek srpen 28th, 2015

    Drive September issue is here

    Drive September issue is coming on 1st September 2015. You will learn more about Australia, visit circus with us and read an interview with a professional trainer of wild animals and much more!

  • new website gradus 2015

    Pátek červenec 17th, 2015

    New Gradus website

    It is finally here. We’re pleased to introduce new Gradus web presentation. The whole website was redesigned using the latest web technology with responsive design. We hope you will enjoy it.